Custom Album Art

Having a custom album art is very important to a band. If you are serious about your music then you will want to have a nice looking design for your album covers. Album art comes in all kinds of variations now, physical products, digitally downloaded from the internet, example from iTunes! No matter which variation you want I can design for it.

You will need to take these designs I do for you to a shop which can print them for you (if you are going down the physical media path). I highly recommend doing both and recommend physical more than anything at the moment as people have not fully moved over to digital products yet. I know a lot of people still prefer the physical product in front of them. Digital downloads are increasing but it's not replaced the old physical media method yet.

I mention this again, I can not print these for you, I can only do the design! If you can provide the dimensions then I can design exactly to your requirements, the shop you go to may have specific measurements so please contact them first and then you can pass the measurements on to me and I can make sure it will be how it's meant to!

Examples of Custom Album Art