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Custom Youtube Design

Youtube has become very popular over the years, not only does it offer an amazing video service it has changed peoples lives! Did you ever think you would be able to post a video online for free and get famous by it? - I don't think anyone realised how huge the potential of youtube was, I'm not even sure the developers would of seen it getting this big but then who knows, a simple idea can always lead to something huge!

Youtube is very similar to Twitter when it comes to design, it uses a background as your main point of design/exposure. If you focus on the background you can get your Youtube Profile looking unique and different from the default youtube backgrounds it offers.

Although it is similar to Twitter in terms of the design method I personally think Youtube is better, it has a smaller content area which means more of the background can be viewed on the page allowing your custom youtube design to be seen. It also has better options with the tables (the middle section were your content is). The colour options are great and even better is the ability to have the tables transparent. If you design it right you can make the background come through the tables and it can give off a really professional effect. Examples of Custom Youtube Design

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