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We can now customise Facebook Pages even better. Thanks to the new updates you are now allowed a WIDE page.

This makes your page on Facebook really stand out as there is less clutter around your design and less advertisements.

If you would like to see an example of this then please click here.

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Facebook Design

Facebook has being the most popular social networking website for a long time now. It's grew so fast and now has a huge potential for business owners, not a lot of people are realising just how big this can be for marketing and exposure.

Most people go on facebook for the social aspects and that is fine, that is the first aim of it however business owners are slowly starting to realise the benefits also. It has such a huge fan base, this makes it easy to interact with your fans / clients / customers. Although most people do not want to go on facebook to be sold something it's still a great idea for businesses to have a facebook. By being on social networking websites you have a much higher chance of someone hearing about your company.

If you are an online company then this is essential, believe it or not some people are still afraid to order online. Some people still do not realise that you can order online at any time. This is fairly common amongst the older generation, often I have heard "I didn't place the order yet as it was 1am and I thought it would be closed" ...haha this isn't a joke some people do say this. With an online community you can easily talk to your customers and get involved. It just makes things so much easier when you have tools already in place, all you have to do is make an account and off you go! It's really an amazing tool for small business owners and bands.

Examples of Facebook Tab Design

What is a Custom Facebook Design?

Ok so now you know how Facebook can help you and what it is why not get a Custom Facebook Design? This is taking your facebook one step further and customising it to your exact requirements. It makes your facebook unique and gives you the freedom to put whatever you want on your facebook page. If you would like to understand how this is possible then please read the article I have created by clicking here or you can order a facebook design here.