Myspace 3.0 Design

Myspace used to be the number 1 social website. Back in the day almost everyone had a Myspace and it was the place to be, these days Facebook and Twitter have taken over. Myspace is what started it all, at least in my personal opinion, before Myspace there was nothing like this in terms of how big Myspace was. I remember spending a lot of time on Myspace and I knew the direction I wanted to take. From that day I knew I wanted to design for bands and help them with social networking websites. I wanted to make a band stand out with their design and Myspace was the best thing for that at the time. I still believe it's the best in terms of customisation however Facebook has more of the crowd and there is no point in looking good if no one is viewing your page which is why Facebook is now more important.

There is still a massive crowd on Myspace in terms of music and teenagers so it's still important to look good on it and not forget about it. Although this is a personal choice as some bands are not bothering with it at all or simply having a default looking myspace page. I would not do this, myspace still has a lot of users, you should look good on it as you need to give off a good impression. Sometimes I have found new artists that I like just by the art, I have thought to myself "this looks great!" I then click the band and listen to their music, had they not of had good art I may not of done this!

Myspace 3.0 lets you customise your profile very easily, it's designed to be flexible around the user. Unlike previous versions of Myspace there is not a lot of code to mess around with. It's more of a template now which makes it easier for general users to update and maintain their profile. It does however bring about more limits. You can still do advanced things with the design but CSS is limited. You now need to focus attention on the background of the page and the top header as this is essentially your design area as you can not specifically code the whole page anymore.

Examples of Myspace 3.0 Design

Myspace 3.0 Explained!

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